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So you have an idea, too?!

Trust us when we say, "We are not that creative." Anyone can have an idea for a game but not everyone has three other people to bounce ideas around. If you have a game idea you want the Gagmen to knock around, just drop us a line. If you have heard the show you are likely familiar with our format (Theme, Setting, Plot, Conflict, and Characters). Typically, the gag reel is just our final focus for the adventure. We will be glad to help out as best we can and gladly give you the credit you deserve.

There are a lot of new role-playing games and RPG expansions so if you have a new game that you would like an adventure to get started, let us know. I know our first few adventures are basic fantasy adventures but the future GagMen episodes should start breaking into different areas.

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November 4, 2013


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